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Juan is ready to lead Leander forward

Leander is a very diverse city with varying opinions and ideas. All people should feel valued and have their voice heard by our leaders.  Having conversations with all residents is key to making Leander even better. 


The Issues I will focus on:

Water Infrastructure: 

Our city is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and the growth shows no signs of stopping. We must ensure that our water infrastructure is ready to handle the demand, as well as ensure that our water plants have emergency back up in the event of power or severe weather issues. 

Transportation Infrastructure:

With a rapidly growing city and metropolitan area comes the need for an efficient and safe transportation network. Once on the council, I will ensure that our roads and thoroughfares are ready to handle the increased traffic. We can not make the same mistake as other cities by waiting to expand roads until after traffic is bumper to bumper. Plus, I will work to ensure that streets near schools have sidewalks.

Leander voters approved the continuation of Capital Metro services. I am hopeful that with additional marketing and services, Capital Metro usage will increase over the next few years. The rail line is a key factor for continued growth, as numerous entities are near or building near the Leander Station including the Northline Project and the ACC San Gabriel Campus. 

Jobs and Businesses:

While Leander is rapidly growing, business growth has been slow when compared to nearby communities. Once on city council, I will work with other city officials to better market our city and streamline the permitting process, in order to bring more major retail, restaurants and entertainment options, as well as work to attract major corporations to choose Leander as home, all of which will bring more jobs to Leander.


2016 Bond Projects:

These projects (Senior Center, Recreation Center and improvements to Raider Way) were approved by voters, with funding approved as well. These projects must get done. As your city council member, I will work to get these projects completed. No more delays.

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